Welcome to the official poll for the Miss World Guyana 2017 photogenic contest to by powered by KeronBrucePhotography.com

THEME “Self Love”

The general public is invited to vote for their favorite MWG 2017 Finalist’s visual depiction and interpretation of self-love. The general public is invited to share their favorite photo along with a positive note on the importance of self-love and the role it plays in the development of our young women. The General Public must feel moved, connected and captivated by the Finalists photo, they are compelled to vote for without the need for a name or background info on the image. Each Finalist photo is intended to convey a message on self-love the photo should speak for itself by connecting in a motivating and captivating way to promote self-love and all the positive elements of it.


  1. Only one vote per day. (Vote again every 24 hours)
  2. You must select the check box below your choice and press VOTE
  3. Voting will close at noon (12:00hrs) on June 24, 2017
  4. After voting you may click on the image of your choice to comment or share to social media.
  5. Inappropriate and abusive comments will be deleted.


POLL CLOSED AT 12:00hrs on June 24, 2017.

The winner will be announced at the Miss World Guyana 2017 coronation.

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  1. hello, i voted for region 6 but i don’t see the votes increasing. some other friends did too and the votes remained the same.
    is there a problem with the voting system for region 6?

    1. Votes will not be recorded if you try to vote before 24 hours after your last vote or if you are voting from a different device on the same IP.

      1. I waited 24 hours
        And it’s from different ip addresses.
        More persoñs voted during the night and it’s still the same.

  2. So you’re saying that even if more than one family members of the same house voted at once then only one (1) vote will count because of sharing the same IP address? Did the creator of this page not think about this being a problem? Is anything being done about it? Why can’t myself, brothers, and sisters not support different persons in the pageant from the same IP address if we have different views on who should win it?

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