21 thoughts on “Miss World Guyana Finalist #SelfLove

  1. Joelly embodies self love. I must say this first because I know her personally and she has said many times before that she loves everything about herself. Self loves goes beyond the exterior and extends to our innermost being. We must love every idiosyncrasy, every flaw, every path that made us who we were. Progression is stymied without self love.

  2. Most definitely. my choice for MWG 2017: Miss Joelly Valentine . As her first school teacher , my recollection of Miss Valentine’s, expression of herself, well proves that this ‘self love theme ties in with what the revelation of her first expressions said to me . And now most assuredly I can attest to ‘first impression being a lasting one’, for indeed my little nursery school girl, looked nothing close to this well shaped girl with long hair, and her foot wear always high heal shoe . Joelly Valentine always dreamed of becoming this elegant fashion young lady , and within a twenty two years span . she is there. This is most definitely self love.Keep running with your self driven instinct Joelly Valentine, you will have my support all the way.

  3. This young lady miss Joelly Valentine is not only beautiful,intelligent,confident and smart.she is also bold, fierce and passionate about any and everything she puts her heart and mind to. And that is what it takes to be true queen who will represent her region and country gracefully.

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