38 thoughts on “Miss World Guyana Finalist #SelfLove

  1. Than you are a gorgeous diamond
    Your beauty surpasses that of verbal and written description :-*
    You got this babe

  2. A motivated beauty beyond the explanation of words. Her values and moral of her spiritual life is unquestionable. Her self confidence and talented entelectual is above the any normal pay grade. Her values and warm heart is of high quality and the most important thing to her is always family ? and inner circle of friends she calls her second home..Thamesha Martina Watson.. Delegate #6

  3. Very sweet and humble disposition. Also appears to be very decent which is refreshing. I admire her for not exposing herself. Beautiful smile!

  4. Natural beauty and wonderfully gifted, #1
    There is only one of you and thats what makes you so special..
    All the best my dear

  5. I had the pleasure of meeting this admirable and pleasant young lady and i must say that she deserves to be one of the finalist in this pageant.Good luck to u Tam.

  6. hello, i voted but i don’t see the votes increasing. some other friends did too and the votes remained the same.
    is there a problem with the voting system?

    1. Votes will not be recorded if you try to vote before 24 hours after your last vote or of you are voting from a different device on the same IP.

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